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 Begin a New Life.....Hair Free!  Unsightly andd unwanted body and facial hair is something almost everyone struggles with.  Many people have tried shaving, tweezing, waxing and depilatories.  Others have chosen tedious and painful electrolysis treatments.  If you have been looking for a comfortable, safe and effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair, you're in luck!  Call today to schedule your free consultation.      Laura Wilson-Prah RN,CME  305-393-2321 

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Why choose us?

We're  Laser Hair Removal Experts!  We've specialized in this for over 7 years!. We've been regarded as on of the best laser hair removal experts in the industry.

We can laser while you are tanning. There is no need to stay out of the sun or tanning beds, and you can even tan before or after your laser session! We are able to safely provide laser hair removal no matter how dark your tan is. Since we specialize in pain free laser treatments for darker skin tones as we have performed thousands of treatments. We have experience in what works for your particular skin color and hair type.

We effectively treat blonde hair, fine hair, thin hair or red hair. With our lasers, we can effectively target hairs that no other laser can target. We can treat any kind of hair since our wavelengths can be changed to reach hair of any color or structure.

With our lasers, we go over the areas multiple times, NOT JUST ONCE as other lasers limit. We go over all areas multiple times, plus can safely overlap areas, literally lasering every last millimeter of your skin! Our treatments are superior to other types of lasers that “shoot” the area once with a one inch square point.

Our lasers are water cooled, meaning that NO CHEMICAL AIR IS USED TO COOL THE SKIN prior to treatment. Our water-cooled system creates a chilled hand piece that reduces heat, and consequently prevents burns on the skin or discomfort during and after the treatment.

And, did we mention it’s PAINLESS? You have to see it to believe it! After your first session you wont even believe our lasers were on since there is a lack of sensation that is tradition with other types of hair removal lasers.  

How does it work

Our Pain Free Laser hair removal works by sending a low-energy beam into the skin, which is absorbed deep in the hair follicle levels. The laser energy is converted to heat, destroying the active hair root so it no longer grows hair.

The hair follicle will then push out that once-active hair out of the skin, and continue to be dormant for several years.

As your body is in a constant state of repair, hair follicles can repair themselves, which is why you will need multiple session to keep hair follicles unstable to grow hair.

In the past, laser hair removal was only effective for dark hair and light skin, however, with our technology, our wavelengths are at a length that bypasses skin color to reach the deep hair follicle levels effectively with the same number of treatments.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Clinical Trials and Findings

95% of people treated experienced near 100% hair reduction in 1-6 treatments. This group required very little maintenance treatment after the 1-6 treatments, with a resulting 1-10% of hair returning after 2 years from date of first treatment.

4.99% of people treated experienced 80% hair reduction after 1-10 treatments, requiring a maintenance treatment every 6-12 months thereafter.

.01% of people treated experienced less than 50% hair reduction, requiring more than 6 sessions due to aggressive hair, change in hormone such as pregnancy, and change in age from teenage years. This group required 6-10 sessions and consequently experienced 10-80% hair reduce with each individual treatment. After 10 sessions, 80% hair reduction was attained, and a maintenance treatment was required.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Clinical Trials and Findings

95% of men treated experienced near 100% hair reduction in 1-3 treatments. This group required treatment less frequently than every 4-6 weeks once near 100% hair reduction was attained, however all hairs returned after no subsequent treatments were received after 6 or more months. Once treatment was received, near 100% hair reduction was again attained.

5% of men treated experienced 50-80% hair reduction in 6-10 treatments, requiring maintenance treatments every 6 months thereafter.

Men’s beard, neck or Adam’s apple area:

100% of men treated required at least 6-10 sessions, and consequently saw up to 80% hair reduction. Continued treatment is required.

Risks and Safety Considerations

Many clients ask about the possible side effects of laser hair removal in general. Laser for the application for laser hair removal is a safe procedure that does not cause damage to the internal organs or cause long-term damage to the skin. Laser radiation as a result of delivering treatment is not powerful enough to cause any damage to the person receiving treatment, or the practitioner delivering treatment on a regular basis.

Pregnant women: please receive treatment before or after your pregnancy, as we do not provide treatment during.

How to Prepare for Your Laser Hair Removal

With us, there is just one thing you need to do to prepare: You will need to stop waxing or plucking, and shave the treatment areas before and during your appointments. After your treatments, shaving will cause your hair to become shorter until it is small enough to be scrubbed out of the skin with a washcloth, thus revealing the results from our treatments. If you have been using a cream depilatory such as Nair, you may continue to use it during your treatments with us.

What to Expect

During your first visit with us, you will be meeting with our nurse practitioner or doctor who will discuss this material with you in further detail, explaining the treatment and the results you can expect from our Pain Free Technology. Thereafter, a licensed practitioner proceeds with treatment determined by the doctor and or nurse practitioner that are safe and effective for your skin tone, hair type and area being treated.

Our lasers are FDA approved for the application of hair removal, and only the most skilled and licensed practitioners provide our laser treatments under the direct supervision of our medical director and nurse practitioners.

Upon treatment start, an ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area to glide the laser hand-piece and to cool the skin. Our machines are water-cooled, meaning that no chemical additives are used to “trick” the skin into feeling a cool sensation. As water flows to the tip of the laser hand-piece, this allows the treatment to remain cool while the laser heats the hair follicles to kill active hairs. If you feel the treatment is hot, please instruct your practitioner so that they may adjust treatment for your comfort. The treatment SHOULD NOT feel hot, and this does NOT provide a better result, so please let your practitioner know immediately if the treatment becomes uncomfortable. We do not use numbing cream, as the treatments we provide are pain-free. Please keep in mind that our technology is patented, therefore allowing a pain free treatment to be possible. A painless treatment DOES NOT MEAN THE LASER SETTINGS ARE TOO LOW! We provide aggressive treatments that are safe and effective.

During your treatment, you may speak with your nurse regarding treatment for additional areas. Treatment times are: 5 minutes for small areas, 15 minutes for areas medium areas such as abdomen line, back, forearms, and 25 minutes for large areas such as full bikini, chest, abs or half legs, and one hour for full legs.

We highly recommend underarms, legs and bikini for all women, and for men, chest, back and abs are strongly recommended. We specialize in men’s treatment areas below the belt, our “Come Here Baby” treatment.

After your treatment, your skin may appear slightly flushed. This is normal and usually subsides by the time you are leaving our clinic. After your treatment, please wash the areas thoroughly and use plenty of moisturizer, as your skin may feel dry. You will need to continue shaving, at which point you may feel you are not receiving a “close shave” since the hairs are “toggling” within your pores. We suggest using a washcloth to lightly exfoliate the treatment areas every time you shower. Red bumps may appear, and are the body’s normal way of ridding hair out of the skin. You may scrub over these with a washcloth to help the hair escape from the skin.

Please be advised that 6 sessions are the minimum recommended treatments for any skin and or hair type. If your hair is aggressive you may need 10 or more sessions. Each session should be received on average 4-6 weeks apart. Waiting a few weeks longer than 6 weeks will not adversely affect your results however.


There is no recovery time associated with our Pain Free Laser Technology! It is very rare to experience any adverse reactions such as hyper or hypo pigmentation, burns, blisters or prolonged redness. If you do experience this, please call us immediately at our number   305-393-2311 so that we may provide the correct medical treatment to you.